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Atareira Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018

Mission Statement: Atareira leads in modelling and promoting mental health recovery through partnership services with the people we work with, families, and communities in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner.


Values:    Integrity | Empowerment | Recovery | Hope


Charter Object: Acknowledge, respect and incorporate Te Tiriti O Waitangi in all objectives of Atareira, and support if requested, the development of separate, Maori-controlled services.

Strategic Goal 1: Promotion of Well-being (recovery and resilience underpins all of Atareira’s work)


Charter Object: Support the improvement of community services available for families and whanau affected by mental illness and addictions, including health, housing, training, employment and person-centred recovery-focused services.


1.1       Build upon our development of service delivery to ensure that recovery and resilience is paramount

1.2       Develop services to respond to issues experienced by children and youth, prisoners and their family / whanau and people who are at risk of homelessness

1.3       Actively assess and evaluate our work to ensure it supports recovery and resilience

1.4       Reliably capture and contribute data and outcomes of our work to local and national planning of recovery services

Strategic Goal 2: Build Community Partnerships and Collaboration (Atareira meets the diverse needs of the community)


Charter Object: Maintain such links as may be deemed appropriate with other local and national organisations.

Charter Object: Seek membership of SFMINZ and other affiliated organisations and abide by their policies, codes and standards, provided that they do not conflict with the Rules of the charitable nature of Atareira.


2.1       Work with other organisations to develop services and formalised arrangements for service delivery and administration

2.2       Work with others to respond and contribute to initiatives that address need

2.3       On-going consultation with stakeholders is built into organisational processes

2.4       Contribute to community capacity and resilience

Strategic Goal 3: Promote Atareira and Family / Whanau and Consumer / Tangata Whaiora Interests (Atareira is widely acknowledged as speaking for family/whanau on MH&A matters)


Charter Object: Support and advocate in all matters concerning the well-being of people and their families and whanau affected by mental illness and addiction.

Charter Object: Support and Foster research into the causes and treatment of mental disorders.


3.1       Build a profile based on evidence of outcomes and service quality

3.2       Develop and disseminate information about Atareira’s commitment and unique skills and ability to provide services that are meaningful to consumers and family/whanau

3.3       Contribute to strong regional and national coalitions of family / whanau support

3.4       Network, lobby and contribute to research, planning and consultation process

3.5       Model best practice of integrated services

Strategic Goal 4: Develop Organisational Capacity and Capability (Atareira is proactive in the uptake of new ideas, practices and technologies)



4.1       Establish organisational policies that reflect the priorities of the Mental Health and Disability sector, including the NZ Disability Strategy and He Korowai Oranga Maori Health Strategy

4.2       Regularly assess organisational infrastructure to support sustainability and delivery of a wide range of high quality MH & A Services

4.3       Respond and adapt to changes in the mental health and Addiction sector

4.4       Maintain accreditation under Te Wana

4.5       Develop Atareira’s workforce and sustainability through training and support that promote adaptability, uptake of new skills and leadership capability

4.6       Governance builds a collective sense of strategic purpose and direction for the organisation’s philosophy, goals and service priorities, and observes its legal obligations

Strategic Goal 5: Increase community support for Atareira (Atareira has support (financial and other) to help members to connect with each other and to participate fully in their communities)


Charter Object: Maintain and promote information and education programmes to create greater public awareness and understanding within New Zealand of the needs of people with mental illness and addiction, and their families and whanau.



5.1       Reconnect with our members

5.2       Develop a volunteer programme to support services to our families, consumers and communities

5.3       Participate in local and wider community events / activities to gain greater support (financial and other)

5.4       Increase funding to enhance services to our families / whanau, consumers / tangata and communities

Review Date: June 2018