A fun and productive day was had by all on the 2nd of December 2014 at  Truby King House and Garden – a beautiful heritage-listed estate located in the hills above Wellington. The estate was built and occupied by Sir Truby and Lady Isabella King – founders of the Plunket Society. The smooth running of the event was made possible by the huge amount of effort from members of our team. They helped to put together the activities, set up and tidy the venue, and ensure we were well catered for throughout the day.

The purpose of the day was to:

  • Get to know each other a little better
  • Establish a shared understanding of and commitment to the mission and values of Atareira
  • Set the scene for our strategic planning process
  • Have fun!

After opening with a quiz to get the brains working, and a brief presentation on our surroundings from the live-in curator of Truby King House, the real work started.

Sessions included:

  • Tetra Map with Esther Bukholt 

    A chance to explore and understand  our own, and other’s, natures;  look at why we and others behave the way we do; practice strategies to manage conflict and build effective relationships; and to better understand and value our own skill sets and those of others.

  • Atareira – A History To Be Proud Of; A Future To Be Excited About

    Leo presented a long, time line of our history, and discussion focused on our organisational Mission and Values.

  • The Amazing Race

    Small teams searched the grounds for clues (and chocolate) whilst learning a little about themselves, their fellow team members, and the life and history of Truby King.

We are now planning to use the Tetra Map concepts and processes to:

  • continue building our team cohesiveness
  • discover where we can improve
  • how best to support and communicate with each other
  • and how best to support those we liaise with through our work

Below are some photos from the day.

                                                                                              The gardens at Truby King House 
IMG_7258                                                                            Staff members watch speakers at the opening of the day
                                                                       Facilitator Esther Bukholt outlines the programme for the dayIMG_7288v2
                                                                           Teams assembled to begin the Tetra Map activities
                                                                     Hannah and Mateheke compile their presentation for Tetra Map
                                                                                   Rebecca and Cecilia make their Tetra Map presentation
                                                                              Kerry, Toni, Wendy and Laura used props to make their presentation fun
                                                                                     Janeta and Leo read their Tetra Map presentation
                                                                              Anne, Judy, Moira and Alison incorporated singing into their deliveryIMG_7372
                                                               Judy puts herself on the Tetra Map graph; along with all other staff membersIMG_7408
                                                                    Janeta, Moira and Wendy stop for a coffee outside in the sunIMG_7410
                                                                          Moira, Hannah, Wendy and other staff members discuss the day’s progressIMG_7415
                                                                                                       Anne plays guitar for a staff singalong
                                                                                  Cecilia, Leo and Judy singing
                                                                              Janeta and Moira play around during the activities
IMG_7435                                                               Kerry, Moira and Mateheke take The Amazing Race very seriously
                                                            As part of The Amazing Race staff were required to draw themselves as a treeIMG_7447                                                                                         Leo, Janeta, Wendy and Cecilia draw their trees
                                                                                                      Alison, Laura and Carolyn drawing
IMG_7381                                                                                              The view from Truby King gardens